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Doing Business with DYRS

Solicitations for Goods and Services

DYRS solicitations for goods and services are regularly updated and posted online through the District of Columbia Office of Contracting and Procurement (OCP), which administers all vendor registrations, proposals and awards for DC government agencies. Please visit the OCP Vendor Support Center to learn more.


DC YouthLink Requests for Proposals

DC Youthlink grant proposals are administered and awarded through the DC Children and Youth Investment Trust Corporation (CYITC). Additional information for DC YouthLink vendor and partner opportunities are available at the CYITC Grants and Grants Management page.


Training or Employing DYRS Youth

DYRS is seeking employers with entry-level positions who are willing to train or employ young people, ages 16-21.

We pre-screen the youth. Our youth have job readiness skills and some have specific industry training.

When you partner with us, your firm benefits in the following ways:

  • You could qualify for a Work Opportunity Tax Credit for your business. For each qualifying new hire, your firm could claim a tax credit on its federal taxes.
  • You get access to candidates who are trained and nationally certified (in many cases).
  • You get access to candidates with industry-related training, e.g. Copper Cabling, Culinary, A+ Certification, Home Health Aide, and more
  • You get access to candidates who have completed a formal Job Readiness orientation (conflict resolution, business etiquette, and money management)

Our workforce development professionals make this easy for you:

  • You have a single point of contact. We assign a Workforce Development Specialist to support you, the hiring manager, and the youth.
  • We identify and refer youth for placement based upon your specific needs (and after we have conducted competency assessments of the youth’s skills and interests)
  • We provide each youth with on-going career coaching and mentoring
  • We invite you to network quarterly with other members of the business community who train and hire our youth.

For more information, please contact Phyllis Powell, 202-251-5847, phyllis.powell@dc.gov


We Value the Business Community who Train and Hire DYRS Youth

The following certification and internships sites have our gratitude.