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Your Role

Your Role: Guiding Your Youth

Your role as the parent, caregiver, or guardian for your child is the most important one in his or her rehabilitation. It is YOU who will love your child most through the process of commitment to DYRS and transitioning home or back to the community once commitment is over. DYRS will become a partner with every caregiver to ensure that youth have the best possible chance to reach their greatest potential throughout the phases of rehabilitation.

When a youth is committed to DYRS, the Agency assumes legal custody of that youth. Your role in nurturing and advocating for your youth will remain a pivotal part of the experience. Your active participation in navigating the system will be honored. If your youth is placed at home, the Care Coordinator assigned will connect with your family—while relying on you to share the youth’s behaviors, whereabouts, and overall wellbeing—in supporting his or her success. Regular contact and collaboration with the Care Coordinator will be critical to creating another layer of care for your child and the family for the good of the whole.If your youth is placed at a community-based residential facility, your provision of clothing and ensuring school enrollment is paramount. If your child is placed at a secure residential facility, your regular phone calls and visits will provide emotional stability and unwavering loving support.

Whether your child is living at home or placed in a community or secure facility, DYRS will respect and expect every caregiver to continue to be a voice for their child. Throughout the working relationship, challenging moments will be managed, while progress will be celebrated.